Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA
April 13 - 15, 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

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"Nothing happens until someone sells something" - a quote attributed to many and perhaps the ultimate business mantra. Everything in business revolves around sales. Everyone in your company contributes to sales. Learn how to improve your sales skills at the WIP Leadership Forum @ the Expo! The 2019 LEADERSHIP FORUM features the nation's most effective sales training using enhanced human behavioral skills learned through the DISC® SALES MODEL.

The art of selling for anyone who is customer-facing...CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS, MANAGERS, DRIVERS, TECHNICIANS, EQUIPMENT INSTALLERS, BUSINESS OWNERS, and of course SALES PERSONNEL. If you talk to customers as part of your job, you can outperform your competition, increase company revenue, and increase your own valve by taking this direct and well-documented DISC® training program related to human behavior styles.


The 5-hour LEADERSHIP FORUM is open to men and women, those with experience or new to DISC® profile, including all employees/executives who are customer-facing.

This engaging and easy to following LEADERSHIP FORUM focuses on:

  •     Your Natural Behavior and Your Adapted Behavoir
    •       Learn how your strengths can better serve you
    •       Discover how you can enhance your behavior in workplace and selling solutions
  •     Matching your behavior with the customer's behavior to increase sales
  •     How body language and speed of your voice can make a difference
  •     Using selling skills throughout the customer relationship
  •     Understanding customer behaviors to create a quicker sales cycle and close deals faster
  •     Using the DISC SALES model to increase both your selling and your leadership skills
  •     Gain insight into human behavior which can translate into a highly effective workplace performance and strengthen your contribution to your company's ongoing success.


DISC® is a proven method for understanding human behavior, temperament, and personality. The assesment is blind to gender, race, and age. It is impartial and constructive.

  •         Participants take an online assesment prior to attending - they come prepared to learn!
  •         Overview and update of principles of DISC® are provided at the outset of the training
  •         The bulk of the days training schedul is sales-specific

The most widely used profiling tool, DISC® is supported by decades of validation and reliability studies. Companies employing DISC® report significant increases in revenue or growth.

Much more than categoriziing personality, DISC® identifies patterns of behavior and implements solutions to maximize strengths. There is immediate application in the workplace.


The LEADERSHIP FORUM development program gathers propane professionals from employees of family-owned, regional and multi-state firms, including business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate officers, staff members, and managers at all levels within the company operations.


Meet our expert DISC® trainers certified in the DISC® Sales training and assessments. They stand ready to help make an immediate impact in your workplace and your life!

    Laurie is CEO of Irish Propane and Irish Carbonic in Buffalo, New York. She holds both Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctorate degrees. Irish-Jones enjoys charity work and is the past president of the New York Propane Gas Association. She is passionate about workforce development and is the chair of the NPGA Women in Propane Council.

    Jennifer Jackson is Area Director at AmeriGas Propane LP. Active in several NPGA committees, she is a member of the leadership team for Women in Propane as the Project Manager for the nationwide Knowledge Exchange mentoring program. Developing people within her company across our industry is a high priority.

    Milissa Lord is Vice President of A.R.M Solutions, a national 1st and 3rd party accounts receivable management and collection agency. She currently serves on the Executive Board as Treasurer for NPGA's Women in Propane Council. Milissa utilizes her 27 years of sales, finance, and management, credit, and collections experience to serve as an industry adviser and is dedicated to providing education and awareness.


WIP Leadership Forum @ the Expo package includes:

  •     Online DISC® SALES assessment (participants take online assessment prior to live training in Atlanta)
  •     DISC Sales Training in person training, onsite at the Expo
  •     Your personalized Sales Profile and DISC Training handouts
  •     Boxed lunch and unlimited beverages

TOTAL COST: $175 per person




    Roundtable Session | Operations and Sales on the Same Page
    Sunday, April 14 | 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

    Networking Reception
    Sunday, April 14 | 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm