Music City Center, Nashville, TN
April 23-25, 2023

Exhibitor Rates & Space Application

Please see the link below for your company's eligible week. If this is your current week, or it has passed, email to request a space application. Exhibitor applications will only be issued and accepted starting the week in which they qualify. For new exhibitors, the space application will be posted here after December 10.

In the interest of fairness to all companies, exhibitors will select booth space based on the number of years they have exhibited at the NPGA Expo, and space applications will be accepted as indicated in the table below. The number of years your company has exhibited is listed via the link. You will be notified via email when your company is eligible to submit an application.

NPGA members receive a 50% discount on booth space; to be eligible for the NPGA member rate, membership must be active and paid in full for the current year membership year at the time the exhibitor space application is submitted. If your company is not a member of NPGA, you will be charged the non-member rate.To verify membership status or for additional membership information, please contact NPGA Member Services at 202-466-7200 or

List of Years Exhibiting


Date Sales Open

Number of Years

1 October 10, 2022 74 - 40
2 October 17, 2022 39 - 20
3 October 24, 2022 19 - 12
4 November 7, 2022 11 - 7
5 November 14, 2022 6 - 5
6 November 28, 2022 4 - 3
7 December 5, 2022 2 - 1
8 December 12, 2022 Open to all companies

2023 Exhibit Space Application

Exhibitor Rates

Under 400 square feet 400 square feet & over Vehicles Corners
NPGA Member $18.50/sq ft $17.00/sq ft $12.00/sq ft $55.00 each
Non-Member $37.00/sq ft $34.00/sq ft $24.00/sq ft $110.00 each

How to Calculate Your Booth Rate

Step 1: Determine Total Square Footage
Example: 10' x 10' booth = 100 square feet

Step 2: Multiply Total Square Footage by Rate
Example: 100 square feet x $18.50 (member rate) = $1,850

Step 3: Add Corner Premium (if applicable)
Example: $1,850 + $55 corner = $1,905


Autogas Pavilion Rates
This pricing is exclusive to those companies exhibiting in BOTH the main exhibit hall AND the Autogas Pavilion.
Standard booth rates apply to exhibit in Autogas Pavilion Only

Under 400 square feet

400 square feet & over

NPGA Member $10.50/sq ft $9.50/sq ft $7.00/sq ft
Non-Member $21.00/sq ft $19.00/sq ft $14.00/sq ft